[solved]jom exit with code2 with only a particular project.

  • Ok. So I can compile and run any other project alright. The project I am working upon doesnot give me ANY errors. Compile output doesnot give any errors. And this project was working alright untill I introduced QSharedPointer<QScriptEngine>!
    Useful warning messages are:
    C4150: deletion of pointer to incomplete type 'QScriptEngine'; no destructor called
    I think it is normal. I have QScriptEngine as forward declared where I declare QSharedPointer<QScriptEngine>
    I even created a small new project wherein I passed the QSharedPointer<QScriptEngine> around witout actually doing anything useful with it.

    I know of Clear system environment flag in build environment. It is unchecked.

  • Ok. It was kind of dumb mistake. As is usually associated with these type of strange errors :)
    I introduced
    public slots:
    void somefunctionWhichDoesSomething(After takingSomething);
    And I forgot to write the public identifier for the data below!!!
    So, the error!

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