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Drag and drop between QTableView and QGraphicsView (from model to model)

  • I have a QTableView (its model is QStandardItemModel) and I have a QGraphicsView (its model is a QGraphicsScene). I'd like to copy/move an item (an icon with text) from the table into the graphics area.

    How can I solve this?

  • You will need to implement it yourself. There is no feature in Qt that does all this automatically, but it certainly can be done (from experience, I have done it).

  • Yes, I know that I have to implement it myself.
    But I have no idea, how can I solve it.
    My main problem is with the model...

  • QGraphicsView forwards drag & drop events to the scene. "This section":/doc/qt-4.8/graphicsview.html#drag-and-drop in the documentation should get you started.

  • What I have done till now:

    drag side:
    I have a subclassed QTableView. I reimplemented the mouseMoveEvent function. Here I assembled the mimedata and started the drag.
    This event is running good when I drag a row from the table.

    drop side:
    This is a subclassed QGraphicsView, here I have some pixmap on the scene (and on the view). I reimplemented the dragEnterEvent what is running good.

    I reimplemented the dropEvent too, but this event doesn't run at all...

    void DisplayLayout::dropEvent(QDropEvent* event)
    qDebug() << "dropEvent" ;


    (And what is the different between event->acceptProposedAction(); and event->setAccepted(true); ?)

  • Another "helpful wiki entry": on the subject.

    Make sure you have enabled drag & drop in both views, and that the mime data is accepted.

  • Thx the link, I've read this article.

    My mimedata seems to be good.
    I've set in the views the setDragEnabled(true) and setAcceptDrops(true);

    What I'd like to: select a row in the table (get the ID), and I pass this ID into the graphicsview, and added a pixmap with this ID.

    But I have no succes :(

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