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How to implement an icon/pattern editor in QWidget?

  • I want to implement an icon/pattern editor inside my application. I am thinking about a grid of pixels of size 10x10 (or something "grained" like so), and a pallette of colors to define each pixel. This "icon" (or more precisely, "pattern", because will be put size by size in a map) has low resolution because will be used as a graphical signature for low resolution vegetation maps. I am kind of lost here about how to implement this "low resolution" image editor.

    Does anybody has an idea here on how I could write that?

    I have no experience with graphical objects in Qt (and newbie in Qt, actually), and I've been reading about QPainter/QImage/QPixmap and even an example regarding ImageModel, but I didn't find the way yet...

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Download this book:
    (this book is free, source code of book is also downloadable)

    In the 5th chapter your will find a complete IconEditor app.

  • Thank you very much, broadpeak, for the information and the link! Great text! Problem solved ;)

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