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[Solved] Using imageformat plugins with QTWebkit on an Embedded platform

  • Hi All,
    I'm new to using -QT- Qt and was hoping you could help me out...

    I have compiled -QT- Qt and -QTWebkit- QtWebKit for an Embedded platform and have demo/browser working on the platform. Unfortunately JPEGs and GIFs are not being displayed.
    I assume this is because the demo/browser application is not finding the plugins/imageformat directory. I have copied the whole plugins directory to demo/browser directory but this didn't work.
    Could anybody send me the instructions for settings up the plugins.



  • Hi All,

    Just to follow up... I've solved the problem!
    I was copying plugins/imageformats to my application directory....
    So the directory layout was
    However I should have copied the imageformats directory only to the application directory...
    So the directory layout is now

    Usefull article is ""

    Anyway hope this helps someone in the future.

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    Great! Thanks for the information on how it was solved. Please be sure and edit your initial post to add [Solved] to the thread title. Thanks!

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