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Deploying /updating an application

  • Hi,

    does anyone have good ideas, howto deploy an application for several platforms? I would need an inapp update mechanism (just check for new version would be enough) as well as an installer and the update downloader.


  • Hi Jupiter,
    I would it realize like this:

    A buildserver will create new releases for the following plattforms Linux, Windows and Mac.
    The latest releases will always be accessible trough the same URL.

    Now your app will periodically check this url for the latest release. A release number is mandatory and can be either a part of the file name or a separate release file.
    The number should contain software version number. The last digit can be used for the platform.
    1=Linux, 2=Windows,3=Mac. A md5sum of the downloadable file is also mandatory.

    If the app find a new version it will download it from this URL and check it against the check sum.
    If the installation rights are fine, the app will start updating the current app.
    After installing all files a separate thread will start a new process with the release.

    Update complete.

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