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Faster graphics when running the Windows version in Wine

  • Hi,

    I just discovered that the graphics in a Qt program I'm developing is faster
    when running the Windows version in Wine, than running the native Linux version.

    Native or raster doesn't make much difference, I'm using latest nvidia binary drivers.
    I'm using Qt 4.8.

    The graphics is slow both in Fedora 17, Fedora 11, both 64 and 32 bit,
    plus various versions of Linux running in VirtualBox. But the performance
    is consistently like this: The QT4 graphics in Linux is slower than the Qt3 and GTK versions,
    and it is also slower than the QT4 version running in Windows and Mac OSX.

    To summarize:
    Fast: QT3 in Linux, GTK2 in Linux, GT2 in Windows, QT4 in Windows , QT4 in OSX,
    and finally: QT4 running in Wine under Linux is also fast (!).
    Not quite as fast: QT4 in Linux.

    It's 2D graphics that is slower in Qt4 under Linux. By "slow", I don't mean
    unusable by any means, just a little bit sluggish.

    This is the program:

  • Guess I should clarify that I wrote that post to suggest that there might be something that can be optimized in Qt4 for Linux. It should not be faster to run the same program under wine.

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