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QtCreator 2.5 ant Qt 5

  • Hi,

    Sorry, I am a bit new to Qt 5. Is QtCreator 2.5 supposed to work with Qt 5? Actually I couldn't find any detailed info about Qt 5 support in QtCreator anywhere. I just downloaded and installed Qt 5 beta 1 and tried to use it with QtCreator 2.5.2. First issues I faced are:

    1. I see message "no qmlviewer installed" under Qt Versions. That is known issue as I understood from several other posts...
    2. I tried to create simple Console application project and compile it with Qt 5. It compiles and runs fine, but I get no code completion in QtCreator. If I try to include Qt headers, code completion gives no resuts also. So it's the same as using notepad:) The only thing that helps is if I add QT headers directory into INCLUDEPATH variable in project file.

  • QtCreator should work fine with any of Qt libraries.
    And to code completion: yes, this is quite simple workaround, isn't it?

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    Compile Qt Creator 2.6 from git, or even the master branch. Code completion works flawlessly there, although Qt5 support is still not full.

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    The general rule of thumb is: Qt Creator does not support anything that is is not available in a stable release (or at the very least a beta) when Creator goes into feature freeze.

    Following that rule Qt Creator 2.5 does not support Qt 5, even though many things work already.

    Qt Creator 2.6 will have better support, but its feature freeze was before Qt 5 beta, too, so some things will be missing. I hope those will be considered minor issues by most users. We might do a special editon of Creator once Qt5 goes final to fix those.

  • Is this the reason that Qt Creator 2.4.1 from the Nokia QtSDK complains about my brand new Qt5 developer build? It says:

    bq. ABI detection failed: Make sure to use a matching tool chain when building.

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    Yes. Qt Creator 2.4.1 was released before any of the restructuring that happened in Qt 5 even started!

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