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[Solved] Problem with lupdate.

  • Hi there, this is my first question here (sorry if it's in wrong place or is irrelevant :D)

    I'm new to Qt (and of course Linguist). I've installed Qt SDK 4.7 from linux 32bit installer file. I didn't know that lupdate is already installed with sdk and it's in ..\qt\bin directory, so I installed Linguist from the maverick repository. now trying to create translations by lupdate, I always receive below errors:

    @/home/soroush/programs/programming/qtsdk-2010.05/qt/include/QtCore/qstringbuilder.h:45: circular inclusion of /home/soroush/programs/programming/qtsdk-2010.05/qt/include/QtCore/qstring.h
    /home/soroush/programs/programming/qtsdk-2010.05/qt/include/QtGui/qwmatrix.h:45: circular inclusion of /home/soroush/programs/programming/qtsdk-2010.05/qt/include/QtGui/qmatrix.h
    Parse error at /home/soroush/workspace/QCalculator/persian.ts:1:0: Premature end of document.
    What I'm doing wrong?

  • To Volker:

    I think that question is not about

    circular inclusion of <filename>

    but about last message

    Premature end of document

  • To soroush:

    Could you share the persian.ts file? I will try it in my environment

  • persian.ts is an emoty file I simply added to project. I also added below lines to the .pro file. (I'm trying to do what explained in training video)

    @TRANSLATIONS+= persian.ts@

  • I get a similar error when a .ts file exists but is empty. It works again when I remove the empty file.

    So you could try to remove persian.ts and try again.

  • I think lrelease should tell proper error instead of this error...

    So I’d suggest you to submit a bug about that to Qt’s bug tracker.

  • OK. Thanks.

  • hi.. i am struck exactly here can you explain how you resolved it... please.....

  • Hi,
    Add following lines in <project_name>.ts file :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <TS version="2.0">

    It may resolve the problem of "Premature end of document".

  • Hi...
    Thanks for your replay i solved it long time back,

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