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8 Hours later after source compile, NOTHING?

  • I just let my computer go through what was about 8 hours of compiling the qt source tree per "Building Qt4 for Blackberry ":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt4-for-Blackberry (Should mention how long of a process this is) and my compile directory is not there!

    Here is what I did, maybe someone can explain what happen to me:

    • First I downloaded the git though my git shell.

    • Second opened MSYS 1.0 and ran the initial configuration: configure.exe -opensource -confirm-license

    • Third (still using MSYS) I created a new configure.exe: 1| cd tools/configure
      2| ../../bin/qmake
      3| mingw32-make
      (Far as I can tell it replaces the original configure.exe for me(date & time stamp))

    • Fourth (Still using MSYS) I use the new configure.exe to set the blackberry configuration: configure.exe -opensource -confirm-license -release -xplatform unsupported/blackberry-armv7le-qcc -arch i386 -nomake examples nomake demos -no-neon -opengl es2 -prefix c:\dev\qt4install

    Fifth I run the following commands per the documentation and eight hours later neither qt4install folder shows or install at my designated path c:\dev\qt4install.

  • Now that I lay it out I think I may see the problem but curious as to why my shell didn't say something was wrong. This is what I think I did wrong:

    @configure.exe -opensource -confirm-license -release -xplatform unsupported/blackberry-armv7le-qcc -arch i386 -nomake examples nomake demos -no-neon -opengl es2 -prefix c:\dev\qt4install@

    should be:

    @configure.exe -opensource -confirm-license -release -xplatform unsupported/blackberry-armv7le-qcc -arch i386 -nomake examples nomake demos -no-neon -opengl es2 -prefix c:/dev/qt4install@

    The fracking backslashes! Tell you in the morning, after I go though this again... STOP ME IF I AM WRONG!

    This is the moment that I am really glad that I had made backups of the source as I completed each step. Now I can just open the one just before the BB compile effort; that's 2 hours saved.

  • It seems the major problem lies at my opengl es2 setup. I have had to many issue under windows 7 and wasted to much time so I have abandoned its effort and am making a switch to Linux environments.

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