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[Solved] Install Qt Creator 2.5.2, Qt libraries 4.8.2 Windows

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to start learning about QT programming, but I am having a few problems to understand QT installation.

    1. downloaded and installed Qt SDK version 1.2.1 for Windows, which was installed on C:\QtSDK

    2. there is a new file "Qt Creator 2.5.2 for Windows" availabe for download:

    (Problem) When I try to install it suggests a new path (C:\Qt\qtcreator-2.5.2) outside QtSDK folder.

    (Problem) After installing outside or inside "C:\QtSDK" folder, the new Qt creator stops compiling applications with error : "Qt Creator needs a tool chain set up to build. Configure a tool chain in Project mode"

    (Question) Should I download and install it or not?

    (Question) How do I install it OR update the one that comes with Qt SDK?

    1. there is a new file "Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Windows (minGW 4.4)" availabe for download.

    (Problem) When I try to install it suggests a new path (C:\Qt\4.8.2) outside QtSDK folder.

    (Question) Should I download and install it or not?

    (Question) How do I install it OR update the one that comes with Qt SDK?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    best resgards,

  • You basically have two options:

    Download and install the Qt SDK. This is the easiest solution, but means you will not use the latest versions of Qt or Qt Creator until they become available as updates for the SDK (which in some cases seem to take a very long time).

    Download and install the latest Qt libraries (4.8.2) and Qt Creator (2.5.2). (And make sure you install them in that order, so that the Qt Creator installation can find the installed Qt libraries.)

    Trying to mix those approaches is possible, but for a beginner I would strongly advice against it.
    If you are just doing desktop Windows development, I would go for the second option. If you want to develop for Nokia devices, go for the first.

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    You either use the SDK, which was not updated for more than half a year, and is not likely to be updated soon (due to Nokia selling Qt), or you install everything on your own (or, of course, compile everything). There is no option of updating the SDK on your own.

    For Qt development, and for life in general, I would suggest using Linux, it's much easier, more powerful and sane a platform. On windows, the biggest problem is the compiler, that you have to provide. You can either use MSVC, or mingw. MSVC is easier, but requires installation of Visual Studio, which is a big and scary monster, at leas for me. Mingw is harder, and is likely to have bugs. And for compiling Qt4.8+, you also need perl to be installed and present in your PATH.

    Once you've get out of those hurdles, you need to set up your tool chain in QtCreator, and you are ready to go. On linux, this is done automatically, I'm not too familiar with Windows, but I think that once you have a compiler and Qt libs installed, it will detect tool chains automatically, too.

  • Does anyone know of a link or reference that outlines the steps required to when taking option 1 for us noobs.

    Thanks in Advance



  • The SDK contains all you need, so you just download it, install it and run it.
    "This page": describes how to do that, as well as how to use the SDK.

  • Sorry my mistake meant option 2



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    As ludde said, for learning SDK is better. Once you learn Qt a bit, and start to love it as we all here do, you can learn the more difficult stuff. In the beginning, setting it all up manually, especially on Windows, might frustrate you and prompt to stop trying. We don't want that :D

    For option 2: goto to "the download page": And download the packages for your compiler (mingw 4.4, MSVC 2008 or 2010. QtCreator does not have external dependencies). And then run the installers in the order specified by ludde (libs first).

    If you want to try compiling Qt and Qt Creator, you need to get sources from gitorious, then look into readmes there to get the instructions.

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    If you need the stuff from the Qt SDK set up in a stand-alone creator just copy the QTSDK_CREATOR/share/qtcreator/Nokia folder int STAND_ALONE_CREATOR/share/qtcreator and it should pick up what was installed by the Qt SDK (at the time you do the copy). On linux you can also symlink the folder, which will make any updates done via the Qt SDK visible to the stand-alone creator.

    Creator does not pick up any stand-alone Qt versions, you will need to set them up by going to Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt versions and pointing creator to the qmake.exe file of that new Qt version.

    Note that if you want to develop for Symbian then I'd recommend staying with the Qt Creator 2.4. The 2.5 version has seen significantly less testing on that platform.

  • Thank you ALL.
    Your answers were very comprehensive and explanatory.

    If they had a "note" with your answers in their download page, that would help a lot of beginners like me to understand which package we should download.

    For now I'm interested in desktop development (windows, linux later) so I'll try the second option and see if I can manage to do it myself, otherwise, I'll stick with SDK installation to learn a bit more of QT before trying a manually intallation or moving to linux.


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