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[SOLVED] Custom widgets disappearing from design view after projects reopen.

  • Hi all,

    At the beginning I would like to say hello to everyone, this is my first post here.

    I am creating some library with several of custom widgets, everything goes fine until I closed and reopened my *.ui file. After file reopened (I mean close in editor and open again) on "design" view in qt creator I cannot see my widgets (there are blank) but I can move them and change their size. Most interesting thing is that after compile and run program widgets are visible.

    This picture presents how it looks before closing:
    ! 01)!

    This picture presents how it looks after reopening the UI file:
    ! 02)!

    Do you have maybe any idea to fix that?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Okay, solved, thanks!

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    How did you solve this issue? Can you mark your thread as solved, please?

  • My mistake in subclass implementing QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface,

    @QString name() const;@
    was wrongly implemented, it should return a name of widget class.
    Designer put some errors in terminal (something about widget class name mismath),

    after all everything works,


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