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QWebView, how to handle with JS events?

  • It's possible to handle with JS events or make the JavaScript execute some C/C++ codes in Qt?
    I need to make my webpage interact with the local application... Could I do that?!

  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible to make own object and to allow interaction with local application.
    If you are going to use WebKit1 then in QWebFrame there is a signal to which you should connect your slot. In this slot you should add your objects that you wish to be visible within web page.


    In case of WebKit2 I am do not know if similar mechanism exists.

  • I don't know which version I'm using...

    I'm trying this code:

    QWebFrame* frame = ui->webView->page()->mainFrame();
    frame.addToJavaScriptWindowObject("sender", this);

    mainwindow.cpp:13:11: error: request for member 'addToJavaScriptWindowObject' in 'frame', which is of non-class type 'QWebFrame*'

  • It should be
    frame->addToJavaScriptWindowObject("sender", this);
    because you have pointer to QWebFrame

    WebKit1 is in Qt 4.X and WebKit2 is available in Qt5.X

  • I'm using Qt 4.7, so Webkit1.

    QWebView* qWebView = ui->webView;
    QWebPage* qWebPage = qWebView->page();
    QWebFrame* qWebFrame = qWebPage->mainFrame();

    I can't access the methods of qWebFrame object!
    And the "QWebFrame" has the method that I want to access:

    void addToJavaScriptWindowObject ( const QString & name, QObject * object )

  • Solved!
    Just add:

    #include <QWebFrame>

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