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Qt Quick Application can't be created by Wizard of QtCreator v2.5.2 on Qt5

  • Does anyone create a "Qt Quick Application (Built-in-Elements)" successfully by Wizard on this development environment ? (Qt5, QtCreator v2.5.2) ?

    The wizard will stop at second step : "No valid Qt versions found."

    I check the Tools/Build & Run, the Qt Versions links ok with Qt 5.0.0, tool chains is fine.

    I used the QtCreator v2.4.1 is ok combine with Qt5, although it needs some adjustment with .pro, .pri file.

    Does anyone has try this case ?


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    If you want wizards, stick with 4.8 :) Qt5 is for hardcores :D Remember that Qt5 is not released yet.

    And anyway, creating QML2 apps is very easy: include QQuickView, create QtGuiApplication instance, set source to your main QML file and you're done.

  • OK, I got your point.
    Is there a version checking in Creator v2.5.2 to not to create the QML2 app by wizard if we use the Qt5? At least I saw some apart of source code on Creator to that.

    Anyway, thanks : )

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    No, I don't think there is something like that there now. It will change, definitely, as Qt5 will get closer to an actual release.

    QtC 2.5.2 does not recognize Qt5 headers, too. I recommend compiling the newest sources from git - there it works flawlessly (2.6 may have it, too, I haven't checked).

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    Currently the Qt Quick application wizard is creating Qt Quick 1 applications and will only do so for Qt versions 4.x.y. I was told that there is a patch for Qt Quick 2 in the work, but don't know when it will get commited.

    From what I understand there are issues with the Qt Quick 1 and Qt Quick 2 wizard interfering with each other in the UI if both Qt 4 and Qt 5 libraries are available. We need to find a good way to present both wizards at the same time and to make sure to not confuse the user with which Qt versions are available where.

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    would imagine there is more interference between Qt Quick 1 between Qt4 and Qt5, since Quick 2 is entirely new. Maybe you should introduce a new option to differentiate between QML1 and 2?

    Just a thought. I'm developing an already existing project, so wizards don't concern me too much currently.

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    Yes, having Qt Quick 1 and Qt Quick 2 wizards is definitely an option. But currently we have three Qt Quick 1 application wizards (for the different components), so we don't want to add yet more Qt Quick application wizards.

    Having so many different wizards for something as simple as a "hello world" Qt Quick application just does not feel right.

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