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Sytem tray icon not available for QtQuick2 apps?

  • AFAIK, QSystemTrayIcon comes from the QtWidgets module, and cannot be used directly in QtQuick2 apps which use QGuiApplication and QQuickView. My small test resulted in "QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI is being used" during run-time when


    is called (QSystemTrayIcon inherits QObject rather than QWidget, though) or when any QWidget descendant is instantiated, like:

    @trayIconMenu = new QMenu()@

    How to use system tray icons with QtQuick2 then? Is this feature under development in Qt5? Any workarounds, e.g. sending/receiving signals between a QtQuick2 and QApplication-based systray apps?

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    I think it's still being worked on, IIRC. Same goes for window icons, actually.

    Try instantiating QApplication instead of QGuiApplication, maybe it will work this way (I haven't tried).

  • That works, except that it creates an additional window with the tray icon.

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