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Project fails to compile in debug mode

  • My project compiles and runs perfectly in release mode, but when I use debug mode, i get around 22 errors
    in function qwait.
    undefined reference to Qtest::qsleep.
    undefined reference to Qtest::defaultkeyDelay@

    I havent used qwait or qtest lib anywhere in my program.

  • What is your OS and IDE you are using?

  • Ubuntu 12.04 and Qt Creator , Qt 4.8.2
    I have been using Qt since last year, this is the first time i am seeing this error

  • I have not a lot of experience qith creator and linux. Assuming that you tried already rerunning qmake, you may want to check the pro file and its includes if there is a reference to testlib.
    Another possibility could be that you are using a header which is testing a macro settings you are defining only in debug compile. But all is poking into the fog from my side.

  • Did you put
    #include <QTest>
    in source file?

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