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[Solved]Finished project now how to create executable?

  • I have finished my project and would like to make it a executable that can be ran from the desktop or installed folder but do not know the next step.

    Thought by building the release version I would be able to do this but there are tons of linked files. Do I need to get tricky with the console when building so these files build with the program release directory or is it a licensing thing?

  • What I do in this case - I pick all the necessary .dll (or .so) files, which are usually QtCore4, QtGui4 and others. You may find them in "QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.8.1\mingw\lib", which depending on your installation and project options may differ, but i hope you get the idea. Under Windows with MinGW I also took libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and mingwm10.dll, which are most likely somewhere in "QtSDK\mingw\bin".
    So since you put all stuff together, your exe is fine on another machine. I think you may check if all correct just launching on your own computer, but without IDE, then if program still needs libs it will tell. The most important part is to pick the right Qt libs, you either know what you're doing or use something like this "dependency walker":

  • And after finished According to RaubTieR, You can make an installation file with installshield,Indigo Rose or ...

  • Love you guys! No really, I love you. Don't blush.

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