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SQL Database info deleted when application updated

  • I have an application that access an SQL database. I currently have some users trying it out to find errors and things I need to add to it before it is actually deployed and used by my whole company. This is accessed through a network server to connect to a database on the server.

    When I make changes to my application then delte the one on the server and replace it with the new version with the updates the data that was entered while using the old verison of the applicaiton (the one I just delete and replaced) disappears. I dont make any changes to the connection or anything like that so I can't figure out why this happens. Does anyone have any ideas why/how to fix that?

  • Hi,

    What kind of query do you use for creation of tables in new version of program?
    And does it mean that file in which data of database is stored is removed when you run new version of program?


  • thanks for your response guziemic. I just use model->setTable("tableName")

    But I acctually just "fixed" it a few minuets ago. The users thought she had saved everything but actually just closed the program and forgot to, I assumed this was a problem on my end until I couldnt find any solution so I tried again and there was no data loss.

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