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Inverted translation to get sourceText from translated string

  • Hi!

    I have a String based paramer handling class that associates strings with values. The parameters are stored in a plain text file and read by the program at startup.

    Strings are in English, this was quite good. Now i have a customer who wants to store the parameters in his own language.
    I would like to do this with the normal tr(..) approach, so its no problem to store the english parameters in customers language.
    But how to get back?
    How can i invert the translation to get back to my original source text?
    Can i overload QTranslator and do a inverse match?
    Or am i forced to write my own Translator which stores translations e.g. as SQLITE and search the database on "inverted" translation.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

  • Seems like tr() is more of a one way due to hashing (ELF). That makes lookups very fast, but basically not invertable.

    However I don't quite see your problem. When you want to access the foreign language keys, why not use the tr there, too, e.g.:
    int value = parameterParser.getValueOfKey(tr("My Key"));

    If nothing helps: Tell your customer to learn english ffs, it's the world language. ;)

  • I thank for your hint, you are right the the tr mechanism should work this way. I didn't see this in my yesterdays brainstorming :-). This should also help me when i get the foreign files and have to read into my english version. In this case i just must use the right translator for the parameter files.

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