Qt Creator Crashing on Mac

  • I have a few different issues that just started happening this past week that are really hindering development.

    1. When I run the debugger and try to edit code while it's running, Qt Creator is very slow and missing some characters I type if I type too fast. After I exit the debugger, it still acts this way for a little while.
    2. There are times when I build and Qt Creator will freeze while building and upon looking at activity monitor, I see that Qt Creator is using 99% CPU and the amount of RAM it is utilizing keeps increasing without bound.

    I have tried deleting the Qt Creator plist file in ~/Library/Preferences and that didn't help. I also restarted my computer.

    I would appreciate any help as soon as possible as I'm on a tight deadline with the project I'm working on. Here are some details about my system.

    Mac Mini
    2.5 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5
    8 GB RAM

    Qt Creator 2.4.1
    -I tried installing 2.5.2, but every time I open it, it crashes!

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    Could you please "file bug reports":http://bugreports.qt-project.org/ about your issues, especially the crash in Qt Creator 2.5.2? This needs to be fixed and I doubt that developers that can actually do something about these issues (I can't, I don't have a mac:-) will see them here.

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