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Opengl GLSL Compute Shader

  • Hi, I wanna use the new Opengl 4.3 extension : Compute Shader with qt and his QGLShaderProgram, but Compute Shader is not part of QGLShader::ShaderType enum.

    Is there a way? When it will be available?

    Thanks !

  • You should rely on bare OpenGL calls to create such shader types. Qt's support of recent OpenGL has strong ES profile ties.
    You might also need to create your context yourself to make sure that the proper Core/Compatibility profile is used, and that your extension is available. I recommend using the "GLEw library": to deal with all that OpenGL initialization.

  • Thanks rcari, so there is no easy possibility to use compute shader like using other shader by now...
    Do you know when it will be available ? Maybe its already done in subversion ?

    edit: Perhaps it is not so difficult to add it to qt source ? If I follow the original code for fragment, vertex and geometry shader...

  • I am planning on adding support for Geometry, Tessellation Control/Evaluation, and Compute shaders in Qt 5.1. It is too late for 5.0 now that the API is frozen. There will hopefully be a whole bunch of other OpenGL related goodies coming in 5.1 too.

  • Thanks for the informations, I hope Qt 5.1 coming soon >_<'

  • The development branch for 5.1 should open up for commits very soon now. :)

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