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[solved] some misunderstanding while using qt

  • I'm new in Qt(abaut 1-2 weeks of using it). I'm writing some gui application.
    all slots of GUI-objects like QMainWindow QDialg QStyledItemDelegate are executrd in GUI threads, aren't they?
    if so i have some problem... i have a tabWiget and a timer to update data on it. when user changes tab application crushes with C0000005 - Acces Voutation in QTCore.dll this problem is OS-specifik actualy only on Windows XP x86
    some more info
    i have a QListView with my own model
    when user selected a new QListView Item data on tab wiget should be changed.
    I implemented it in such way:
    i connected to QListView clicked(const QModelIndex &) Signal from there get index.row() stored it in int value
    QTimer was set for 1 sec to update tabs...
    My be any one will give an advise for better realisation...

  • It would be helpful if you post some code.

  • Sorry for disturbing i figured out the problem

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