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QVariant to QBitArray

  • After next code:
    @QHashIterator<QString, QVariant> iter(props);

                    while(iter.hasNext()) {
                        QString property = iter.key();
                        if (property.startsWith("mus")) {
                            int num = QString("%1").arg(property.remove("mus")).toInt();
                            QBitArray bitValue = iter.value().toBitArray();
                            m_address = sender;
                            m_socket->bind(m_address, 0x6358);
                            connect(m_socket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(onReadyRead()));
                            if (num > 0 && num <= m_musList.count()) {
                                MusWidget * musWg =;
                                if (musWg)

    I've got an empty bit array with zero size in bitValue variable. But if I look debug information of my IDE I can see that iter.value() contains some data in format of bits like "11111". So question how can I convert QVariant value to QBitArray value ?

  • Hi,

    I am not an expert in this area, but maybe this will help

    I am not sure if Qt cast Variant to BitArray automatically.


  • QVariant::toBitArray() is correct way - given the QVariant really contains a QBitArray object.

    Are you sure you have a QBitArray inside your QVariant? Maybe it's a QByteArray or something different.

    In any case, you should check QVariant::typeName() to see what it actually is...

  • It's a string value inserted inside which now stored in QHash iter.value(). So i need to convert from string but now it's type is QVariant. Something like this.

  • Do I understand correctly that you are trying to achieve such conversion
    String -> QVariant -> QBitArray

    AFAIK you will be not able to make such conversion.

  • I mean I insert string value into hash QHash<QString,QVariant>, but this string has format of bits "1111" or "1010" or any other binary value. After that I need to read value from hash and thats why I get QVarant value and after that I need to convert this QVariant value tu QBitArray.

  • Well, if you have those bits in String then maybe better solution is to convert String to unsigned int and then with bitwise operators extract bits values.

  • I can convert to int: @iter.value().toString().toInt(NULL,2)@ but how now I can insert integer value in QBitArray ?

  • The snippet below shows how you can convert some integer value to bitArray. It is small main so you can run it and test.

    #include <QBitArray>
    #include <QDebug>

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    int someVal = 10; //value to convert
    QBitArray bitArray(sizeof(int)*8);
    long long refVal = 1;

    //check in loop which bit is set
    for ( int i = 0; i < static_cast<int>(sizeof(int)*8); i++)
    qDebug() << "i" << i << "refVal" << refVal;

        if (false != (someVal & refVal))
            bitArray.setBit(i, true);
        refVal <<= 1;

    //display bit array
    for ( int i = 0; i < bitArray.size(); i++)
    qDebug() << "Bit at i" << i << " value = "<<;

    return 0;


    Hope it will help

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