Navigation from login form to main window.. any help?

  • hello,

    I want to navigate to main window from a login window after clicking a form.
    I am able to do it using Signal() and Slot() but for the particular form.
    To make it more clear, I wanna go from one window to another. A click should hide that window and show another (Already created form). I am able to hide that window using signal and slot as mentioned in reference docs, but I want an another form to open after hiding of previous form.

    any help over this?

  • One way to achieve your task is to do the following because I followed this.

    1. From the main.cpp go directly to the form of your main application (lets say mainappwindow.cpp)
    2. Before the ui->setup(Ui) line, call your login window.
    3. Now your login window must be a QDialog with public members to retrieve your data. (A QDialog will execute first).

    4.Now back in your mainappwindow.cpp constructor retrieve the data and use it for further processing.

  • thanks Rohan
    but can you explain 1st and 2nd step in more details?
    I am pretty new to Qt programming, It may be the reason I need some more explanation.

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