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Raise Application after key event

  • How to send qt window(gui) application in background and raise after pressing any keys.

    please share views.

    thanks in advance...

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  • I hide the MainWindow by hide() function but i want to raise that window after pressing any key. is there any method how its is possible please share the code if you know and views...

    Thanks in advance..

  • Who will receive the key event? If you hide your app, who gets the input focus?

  • On windows you can use WINAPI to register system wide key with RegisterHotKey, no idea if you can do that for AnyKey...

  • You can create a windows wide system hook, but they also have disadvantages. And raising an app works but it will not get the input focus, if it does not have it already. No app is allowed to pull the focus, only pushing is allowed.

  • There must be some way, as uTorrent has that feature for example (boss key, if it was previously in focus), but I do not know of any such feature in Qt.

  • I tried that once in windows, and the win32 API says, it's not possible. I don't know which bad tricks enable that ...

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