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Disconnect specific slot from all signals

  • I have a number of different signals connected to one slot. Is there any disconnect function that can be used to disconnect everything connected to a specific slot?

    For example:

    @QObject::connect(object1, SIGNAL(a()), receiver, SLOT(slot()));
    QObject::connect(object2, SIGNAL(b()), receiver, SLOT(slot()));
    QObject::connect(object3, SIGNAL(c()), receiver, SLOT(slot()));@

    Now I want a function to disconnect all the signals from receiver’s slot(). There is an option:

    @QObject::disconnect(receiver, SLOT(slot()));@

    but this connects only the signals in the current object. I want to disconnect ALL signals, without knowing the objects that are connected to the slot.

    Any ideas?

  • If you deleted receiver (the parent class), then all of the signals/slots associated with that object will be deleted as well on cleanup...or delete the children classes...that's the only way I can think of doing it.

  • I've looked for a method that does what you want (including tricks with the Qt Meta-Object system) for quite a while and haven't found one.

  • Ahhh. Something like this is quite common in the system I writing. And dvez43, I can't delete anything since I have to use the objects later on.

  • May this help
    @QObject::connect(object1, SIGNAL(a()), receiver, SIGNAL(LocalProxySignal()));
    QObject::connect(object2, SIGNAL(b()), receiver, SIGNAL(LocalProxySignal()));
    QObject::connect(object3, SIGNAL(c()), receiver, SIGNAL(LocalProxySignal()));

    QObject::connect(receiver, SIGNAL(LocalProxySignal()), receiver, SLOT(slot()));@

    ... and disconnect
    @QObject::disconnect(receiver, SLOT(slot()));@

  • Interesting. Yes this might work, but it’s a small overhead; so not a very “clean” solution. But thanks, this will do for now. Is there a reason why there isn’t a function like this? Should this maybe be reported as a “new feature”?

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