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Build mysql driver with libmysqld.lib in vc2010 causes memory access violation

  • hello,

    when I build both release and debug MySQL drivers (plugin) with libmysql
    LIBS += -L$$MYSQLDIR/lib/ -llibmysql

    everything works fine, but when I try using libmysqld (for the debug version only)
    I get a memory access violation from line 1272 in qsql_mysql.cpp in open() method.

    should I pass any precompile flag or something to make it work?

    *and another question, has anyone been able to actually use the MySQL embedded option? if so, can u share some code,
    compiling is successful but connection is impossible ☹

  • Are you sure all your libraries were compiled against the same Visual Studio Runtime? Check for version and make sure you use SHARED DEBUG and not STATIC DEBUG in your link flags for all the libraries.

  • Yes, all libraries are from the same package, so we can assume they where all compiled the same,
    i.e. all dynamically linked.


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