Problem with GL object placement

  • Hello,

    I'm finding a problem in placing an object in the viewing volume created with gluperspective(60.0,w/h,0.1,50.0); It has a glwidget full size. If glTranslatef(0.0,0.0,-1.0); is provided, shows the object. Whereas if glTranslatef(0.0,0.0,-2.0); doesnt shows the object.
    Please anyone help me out.

    [I split this question into its own thread, as it was not directly related to the old thread. Please open new threads for new questions -- mlong]

  • Hi,
    In gluperspective, the last 2 parameters you set is the near plane and far plane. Without looking at your code, I guess your object is located somewhere near the far plane. So when you translate it on z axis, it is clipped by the far plane.
    Try to increase the last parameter to 1000 and see if it works.

  • thanks for the reply.

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to place gluSphere in the viewing volume created inside gluperspective. But its coming in an elongated form. So, May i know what is the reason?

  • Created volume with gluperspective(60.0,w/h,1.0,1000);

  • I met this problem before because I didn't implement the resizeGL() function. The reason should be drawing with wrong perspective.

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