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Box-shadow in qss?

  • CSS3 Box-shadow has been in candidate of CSS3 spec for a while. However, I don't see any clue about using box-shadow in Qt style sheet (NOT QtWebkit!).

    Is that will be support? Or, is style sheet died already?

  • The style sheet model is based on CSS2 and all of its selector definitions and a little bit of CSS3 Pseudo-Elements. Keep in mind they don't always cascade they way you want into sub elements of a widget.

    I believe this was created before Nokia took over Qt and it may have very little support for more CSS3 due to QML features now.

  • @weblife I think style sheet should be supported in the future because not everyone is jumping on the QML Train. In my last project style sheet was very important for the look & feel.
    So only the future will tell us if style sheet will die.

  • @messi I don't disagree I'm on the gravy boat too and prefer .qss files. I say that because of the lack of progress over a long period of time and the repeated responses of others pushing QML to do these style edits.

  • @weblife Totally clear. But I wondering how the KDE guys will continue the work on the Desktop. Will they all switch to QML and realize all the features with it? I doubt that. QML is a nice thing and it will drive the development further but to gain and to keep the number of developers they have to continue and to support the native C++ way as well. That's what M$ also is doing with there new architecture of Win8. You can develop your applications in almost every way.

  • What a pity. I'm interested in it because it's not that easy to implement box-shadow in other ways. The most closed way may be draw a blurred image under my widget.

    And if I look into the source code of QWidget, is there any possibility that submit a fix around this?

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