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Using Qt stylesheet and performance issue

  • I have an GUI form application, develop on open suse and using QSS.
    I put all stylesheet code into only one .qss file called: main.qss and load it into qApp.
    Problem is: perfomance really bad.
    If I don't use stylesheet, everything goes fine but after I setStyleSheet, application run very slow (Widget appearance slowly).
    How can I fix this ?

  • Hi vhptt89

    I realized a project under OpenSuse and Qt4 Embedded with different stylesheets.
    I used the stylesheets technik a lot and never encountered any problems.

    You have to give us more information to analyze your problem.
    I can only guess that you have problems in the implementation of your stylesheet itself.
    What you can do if don't like to provide the stylesheet:

    Start to disable sections of your stylesheet to find out where the problem lies.

    Good luck.

  • Or might it be the GUI itself? Updating the GUI is a time consuming operation, so only do this when data is changed. Use the signal/slot stuff for that.
    Without any code supplied we are unable to help you.
    happy coding!

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