Replaying a QPicture, coordinate transformations

  • When I draw something in a QPicture, like in the "example in the documentation":
    @ QPicture picture;
    QPainter painter;
    painter.begin(&picture); // paint in picture
    painter.drawEllipse(10,20, 80,70); // draw an ellipse
    painter.end(); // painting done@

    and then replay it on another target, can I apply coordinate transformations before replaying the picture (like in the following), and will they have effect?

    @ painter.begin(&myImage); // paint in myImage
    painter.drawPicture(0, 0, picture); // draw the picture at (0,0)
    painter.end(); // painting done@

    Besides, what is the performance impact of storing draw commands in a QPicture? Does someone have experience here?

    Best regards,


  • OK, I tried it out.

    Yes, coordinate transformations are applied. Yes, it is at least much faster than our code that initially creates the paint commands.



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