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Problem with building MySql module

  • Hi,
    I have opened a thread in "QtCenter ": but I did not received any answer there that could help me, so I though I could try here.
    I've installed QtSDK 1.2.1 on windows 7 64bit. I wanted to connect my application to MySql but compiler says "QMYSQL driver not found". I was reading that I could build a driver by myself but among plenty of issues I managed to solve I cannot get through the one missing library.
    First thing I don't understand is the website "here ": says about the folder opt with lib files in <mysql path>\lib\ folder that is not there. I even tried to choose complete installation of mysql. Then, I tried to unzip connector/C. The version of MySql is 5.5.27.
    Somehow, I managed to make first command qmake run with proper paths to folder with "include" files and libs but during progress of "make" I've got error because of a missing library mysql.lib. The logs can be found in "this thread ":

    I run our of any possibility to build the QMYSQL driver. The problem is that I really don't know where is this mysql.lib file. If someone could help I would be grateful. This is quite important to me.


  • Try search in mysql folder files like mysqllib.

  • I have tried this and other methods but there is no such file like mysql.lib; searching for *mysql*lib also did not show anything. *mysql* showed bunch of other files but not the one I need. I don't understand it, seriously!

  • I installed MySql 5.5.27 by msi installer and I have libmysql.lib in:
    C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\lib

  • Thanks for your effort.
    I have also this file in the same folder as yours. I have even more after I have downloaded connector/C. The thing is that at particular stage "make" does not look for libmysql.lib but mysql.lib. Do you suggest I should rename this file? If you go to another "forum":, you can check the logs. There is a particular stage where either make (MinGW) or nmake (VC10) finds this file missing. I am probably doing something wrong but it is difficult to say what it exactly is due to lack of knowledge on these problems.

  • Hi,

    I have a request to anybody but particularly to programmers who are advanced who could direct me in searching to solve the problem? I know it's a silly question but really feel lost ;p. I googled it and got a lot but did not come across any solution on that particular issue. I am quite beginner regarding static and dynamic library and this is the first time I am trying to build a module. At the moment, I know what the difference between libraries is but this is still not enough. I read about GNU Make to try to understand how modules or applications are built. I think I followed the manual. However, it is still overwhelming, although I am slowly progressing. The thing is that I am sure someone with a good experience could provide some clues about what one would do when facing things like this.


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