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QActiveX and QComboBox delegate

  • Hi !

    I'm developping an ActiveX component using a QTableWidget with QComboBox delegates.
    The QTableWidget works perfectly when I use it in a QMainWindow directly but its behaviour changes once embedded in an ActiveX.
    When I select a choice in one of the QComboBox, the focus is not set on the widget and the event itemChanged is not called on QTableWidget when I select an other cell of the table. When I force the focus on the QComboBox by right clicking on it, the event is called when I select an other cell.

    I found a solution by connecting the signal currentIndexChanged(int) to a slot which emit the signals commitData() and closeEditor(). It solves the problem when using the mouse to select the choice but not when using the keyboard. The focus is lost whenever I press the down arrow.

    I'd like to know if it is a known bug of Qt or if I missed something and if there is a good solution to solve it.
    I made a simple project on VS2008 which reproduce this problem.
    The top QTableWidget is in an ActiveX and has the problem. The bottom QTableWidget is in a frame and works as I want.

    Don't hesitate to test it and ask me more details.

  • nobody ? should I report it as a bug ?

  • please I still need help !

  • welcome to devnet

    I had seen your post before, but I have no experience with ActiveX. Therefore, I am certainly of no help. It is good to have the issue reported on JIRA. It will not get lost here.

  • Thanks. I hope I'll get a fix or a solution from the developers in the future.
    I'll let you know here ;)

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