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Installation issues - Virus checker might be causing problems

  • Hi I am new to qt and I must admit I am a little stumped. I installed qt on my server 2003 and it worked just fine. Everything works. I have the same antivirus on the server as I have on my winxp box. While installing on the xp box my AV (norman) comes up with a warning that it is deleting exe files. They are all found in the qt/2010.05 directory. The virus found is tibs.gen199

    The specific files in question are C:\Qt\2010.05\qt\examples\dialogs\classwizard\release\classwizard.exe and C:\Qt\2010.05\qt\demos\browser\release\browser.exe

    I am trying to install the SDK

  • not sure if the downloaded exes were the problem, maybe local to your system. for sure the installer is not infected. can u disable the AV and try to install ...

  • I uninstalled all of the versions of visual studio I had and then reinstalled qt and now it all works

  • good to hear that, did you try to find out why presence of VS caused the AV to complain about Qt installation ... and which version of VS is this? I've not faced such an issue

  • I am not sure which version it was as I had (academic version - full install), visual studio 2005 c++ express, vs 2008 c++ express, vs 2010 c++ express. I think it was the number of different vs installs that caused the problem.

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