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Get notified every time the application is installed

  • Hi,

    I just finished my first Qt/C++ application, created the installer using Inno and everything is working as expected but I was wondering if there was a way to get a notification every time the application is installed. I just want to keep tracking of how many users have the application installed.

    Is there a way to get notified every time the application is installed in Qt or is this something that needs to be done through the installer?

    What is the typical process to acomplish something like this?


  • One can imagine different ways (hidden and open) to accomplish this. In principle you may either way, but should be aware of consequences. The hidden way is not appreciated by users. Google, Facebook etc are often confronted with user's reaction (sh..storms).

    The open way you are apparently thinking of something automatic as well. Most installers are having pre- and post-install steps. You could incorporate an additional application sending an email to you or you could write a record somewhere on your webpages. Whatever you do it is strongly recommended to inform the user what you are about to do. This includes asking the user openly for permission.

    On the other hand why should it be automatic? The easiest is to ask the user kindly to register with you through email or on a webpage of yours.

    I doubt that there is a Qt way or method included in the libs. However, I never searched for it.

  • Thanks a lot for the good information you provided, very good points.

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