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Qt Creator download out-of-date

  • I downloaded,

    but when I install it has 2.0.093.
    This does not have the Qt Quick examples.

    What is going on?

  • 2.1.0 beta2 is the same as 2.0.93

  • This does not have the Qt Quick examples.

    You need to download framework libraries, they have demos and examples included: > LGPL > Qt: Framework Only > Qt libraries.

  • Yes, I had done that. I have installed,


    but no sign of the Qt Quick examples. Creator launches and detects 'Examples not installed'

  • qt-win-opensource-4.7.1-vs2008.exe
    These look like libraries for Visual Studio.

    Try downloading this:

    Where have you installed Qt libraries? Go to that directory and you should see "examples" and "demos" directories.

  • The problem turned out to be the location of qmake.exe.
    There are two,

    1. Qt4.7.1\bin
    2. Qt4.7.1\qmake

    For my VS2008 environment I had to manually choose the one in \bin. I am using Creator (stand-alone, outside VS2008) and MinGW is not installed.

    After a few relaunches, everything started working and the Examples are auto-detected.


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