Suggestions for Qt Quick blog / screen-cast topics

  • We'd like to hear from you what Qt Quick topics you'd like to learn more about. Already we have shown how to use the Preview Quick Designer to create your UX, Using Qt Creator to import examples and demos, and showing the different demos included in Qt 4.7 for Qt Quick. But what next? We have played with some topics that we could do a screencast of;

    • Introducing the basic QML elements.
    • Creating your first component
    • Delving deeper into components (import statements, properties and signals)
    • Introducing animations and behaviors
    • Introducing states and transitions.
    • Delving deeper into transitions
    • Using the ListView and GridView (and how to use a delegate)
    • Reparenting (how to keep your components simple, but your animations amazing)
    • Using Javascript in QML
    • Tips and tricks for making your QML app fast

    but we'd like to hear from you, what topics are important or missing from your perspective! Please reply with your comments and suggestions!

  • Where can we find the link to existing screencast ?

  • Have a look at the DeclarativeUI category on labs;

  • I would like to here more about:

    • Delving deeper into components (import statements, properties and signals)
    • Reparenting (how to keep your components simple, but your animations amazing)

  • These two are very important:

    Introducing the basic QML elements.
    Creating your first component

    It's a new technology and people what to have a kick-start.

    It would be very useful to have a screencast, a tutorial or tips & tricks section on how to keep the GUI responsive on mobile applications, for example how to keep the listView responsive with a long list of items on it, some tips and tricks like this.

  • I'd like to have Qt Concurrency explained in order to understand what capabilities it has and how to integrate that with the main thread the GUI is always running into.
    I guess that lots of applications will benefit with the fact that some calculations and logic can be carried out in threads and then communicate the results to the GUI thread to update the output, but some developers may not be aware of this and develop some applications with blocking GUIs

  • Do you have plans to go little bit deeper with QML - C++ interface design, good practices about how to design interfaces where C++ and QML side can interact with each others?

    I have developed a small QML based Flickr client where the business logic is implemented in C++ and UI in QML. At least for me, when the software size grows it's is getting more and more difficult to keep the C++ interface "in a good shape". Some time ago I didn't find much examples about how you should/could design your application if you want to have a separated SW layers as I wanted.

    So what I'm sort of trying to propose here is that if you could provide some kind of lessons learned blog article about:

    • how you can execute code in C++ side (e.g. via Q_INVOKABLE methods)
    • how to introduce C++ interfaces to QML side and how
    • Is there a way to limit the scope of the C++ interface to some specific Qml Element/Object
    • what would be the most efficient way to implement a chain like: Button clicked in QML -> execute C++ method -> provide data back to QML side
    • Who is responsible of freeing memory allocations e.g. you provide QList<QObject*> as a model to ListView should the C++ side release all the QObjects in a list or is that done by ListView on deletion or what happens to the old model and objects in a list view if you put there a new model

    I think this kind of information would be useful for application developers.

  • I'd like to see a good overview of the concept of how it all works, comparing and contrasting to traditional development. Remedial QML-in-a-nutshell for us old-timers who are set in our ways, perhaps.

  • I'm voting for deeper info about javascript using, developing big QML projects (with a lot of qml-files tied together). Of course, interacting with C++ (which is told about before) is also important.

  • I'm totally in line with zchydem. I would like to see more information about best practices and design patterns for C++ <-> QML.

  • Thanks for all the feedback!! I'm aiming to start pulling together some video blogs around August (hopefully).

  • And I've started blogging already(on labs), and hope to cover some of the more advanced topics.

  • Definitely interested in C++ <> QML interaction as well.

  • I have been playing with C++ <> QML but it would be nice to see how to do it properly.

  • I agree with you guys...

    My main objective is to build apps in C++ using QML as visual layer and it works pretty well yet.
    But especially the singal or method interface between both is a bit difficult.

    So I would recommend it when you provide some more advanced tutorials in this topic.

    "Tips and tricks for making your QML app fast" sounds interesting too.

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