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Issue with QComboBox with Windows Vista

  • Hello,

    I'm porting an application which was stand alone into a plug-in into another software. My application was written with qt 3.2.2. It uses many widgets and it seems that it cannot be migrated under qt4 easily.

    As the method exec of QApplication would block the software, I used the method wakeUpGUIThread(). All worked well. However this software has to be used under windows vista 64. All the widgets work well except qcomboboxes. I can choose items within qcomboboxes, however if a qcombobox is opened and I click elsewhere, my software is blocked. I can retrieve the focus by selecting another window and selecting my window again. I found a way to call exec() but under Vista, some signal/slot doon't work.
    Both 2 methods exec() and wakeUpGuiThreads() works well with windows xp. I tried to start my software using compatibility option and to disable aero but it changes nothing.

    Is it a known issue ? I'm trying to write a qt4 simple qcombobox window to test exec()/"wakeupGUIThread()" but I did'nt found a "wakeupGUIThread()"-like method.

  • wakeUpGUIThread() is simil to QCoreApplication::instance()->processEvents(QEventLoop::ExcludeUserInputEvents); ?

    I don't know.

  • Qt 3.2.2 looks too old even for qt3 branch.

    Could you try your application on qt 3.3.8, for example. Maybe, it will solve the problem.

  • [quote author="castormalin" date="1290594821"]but I did'nt found a "wakeupGUIThread()"-like method.[/quote]

    I am also interesting how to port application that uses wakeupGUIThread() call to Qt4. No hints in the official documentation.

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