Windows Compilation Release Mode Problems

  • hi everyone I'm having some problems with Release compilation on Windows.
    I compile with Release Mode, add all dlls to same folder that the .exe is, and copy to another computer.
    I Try to execute the app on this second computer, and the imagens not appers on application.

    I use the "Resources.qrc" as showed below:

    <qresource prefix="/database">
    <qresource prefix="/imagens">
    <qresource prefix="/icon">

    And use the resources:

    QMovie *movie = new QMovie(":/imagens/32/loading_2.gif");

    I copy manually the folders of the imagens, nothing change...
    When I run the app form QtCreator I got no problem with the imagens, they are showed normally.
    What's can be?

  • Another problem, is that the Database sqlite is not creating in automatic way on the system.

  • Did you add the Qt plugins, notably the imageformats and sqldrivers? If not, those are not accessible from the second computer and hence no image display and no SQL functions.

  • Yes, but checkout with me:


    • InoveSATBEV.exe
    • libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
    • mingmw10.dll
    • QtCore4.dll
    • QtGui4.dll
    • QtS4.dll
    • CreateTable.sql
    • PopulateTable.sql

    - truck.ico
    - led_blue.png
    - led_red.png
    - loading_2.gif
    - loading_1.gif
    - loading_2.gif
    - loading_1.gif

    And I got error.
    What I'm missing to configure or have other way to insert this files?

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