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Install and work with Qt Creator debugger

  • Greetings.

    I am new to the forum, Qt and its various tools. I’m working with Qt SDK version 1.2.1 on Windows 7. Download and install the offline version for Windows (

    I am following the tutorials, testing QtCreator, and now I’m learning a bit to use the debugger QtCreator. Due to a problem that I have been presented (which is not realmentesi is a problem … I did not want to detail it here or ask for help even before being clarified a question regarding what I have).

    My question is:

    Given the information that I discussed earlier about the platform and tools I’m using and then you have installed the Qt SDK, I’m ready to use the debugger QtCreator or should I install and / or set some other Windows specific tool. Moreover, if I have to install or configure anything (which would mean that the Qt SDK includes the debugger), which is the debugger I’m using when I work on debugging mode QtCreator (this is GDB, CBD or some other).

    In advance I thank any help or comment me clarify this doubt

  • "double posting": is not of advantage.
    You are correct that your post fits better here, but we could have moved it. Please continue where you have already gotten feedback.
    Closing this one

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