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[SOLVED]Launcher icon it's not showing

  • Hi,

    I created and deployed my first application using Qt and Inno, everything  worked as expected except the launcher icon, for some reason it's showing a generic Windows icon.

    When I created the app in Qt Creator I selected an icon for the MainWindow, and its working fine because it shows it at the top-left corner of my application.  Also when I created the installer in Inno I added the icon in the Icon field.

    Any idea why its not showing the right icon I provided and its showing a generic windows icon in stead?

    How many different icons should I provide for a Windows application in Qt?

    Who usually generates the launcher icon, Qt or the installer, in my case Inno?

    Again the icon I'm talking about is the one use to launch the application in a Windows machine once the application has been installed.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ok, I found my own answar.

    In order for the launcher icon to show, you need to do the following.

    1- Create an .ico image for your logo (appLogo.ico)
    2- Add your .ico image directly where your source code is (main.cpp, etc)
    3- Create a .rc file containing the follwing line of code (myApp.rc)

    @IDI_ICON1 ICON DISCARDABLE "appLogo.ico"@

    4- Add the following line of code to your .pro file

    @RC_FILE = myApp.rc@

    5- Recompile your application and you should see the .exe showing the logo.

    Here is where I got the info from.


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