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Problems With Qt SDK re-install

  • I had to reinstall Debian, and I am now trying to reinstall Qt SDK. It appears to install correctly, but when I open Qt Creator it doesn't look right. The preview images for the projects are missing. And when I tried to open the Grabber project, I got the following;

    @The page could not be found
    Error: Error downloading http://qt-project.org/images/qtdn/bkg_block.gif - server replied: Not Found'@

    Is one of your servers down? Or do I have a bad installation?

  • welcome to devnet

    Which version of Qt SDK are you using?
    Since you like to do a reinstall, why are you not deinstall and install a fresh copy with the newest SDK?

  • I completely reformatted the disk, and re-installed the operating system, so the old SDK was gone. Then I did install a fresh copy of the SDK. And that is when I had this problem.

    It appears that Qt Creator is trying to get various .jpg files from a Qt server, and is not finding them.

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