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Start and debug remote application doesn't set sysroot variable

  • Hi,
    Until I switch from QtCreator 2.2.1 to QtCreator 2.5.1, I could remotly debug my application, with is on an nfs system.
    But since I used QtCreator 2.5.1, variable sysroot from "Start and debug remote application" widget doesn't seem to be set, because gdb doesn't find some librairies of the system on the nfs...
    Is there specific variable to set in the gdb tool-chain in Tools > Options > Build&Run >Tool&Chains?

    Thanks in advance

  • In 2.5.1 the sysroot is in the Qt version... not an ideal place, so it was moved for the upcoming 2.6 again (into the new "Target" area under Build&Run).

  • Thanks again Tobias, for your quick relpy.
    Can't wait for 2.6 so!

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