[SOLVED] Using LoadLibrary to load a DLL with QString

  • I'm writing a wrapper for a DLL, and want to use the windows API to load it. I understand I'm supposeDd to do it like this:

    But I want to pass the name of the DLL to the class as a QString argument, then to load the specified file by its name.

    The _T macro is translated to __T and then to the macro
    @#define __T(x) L ## x@

    Which means that a simple string literal is expected. How can I modify the code to work with my QString parameter?

  • bq. Which means that a simple string literal is expected

    No, it means wide-string literal.
    Also, why not unicode-aware LoadLibraryW, it's 2012?!

    Since unicode is on, use "QString::toWCharArray":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qstring.html#toWCharArray.

    @LoadLibraryW( filename.toWCharArray() )@

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