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[SOLVED] Error: #include <QLocalSocket> and #include <qlocalsocket.h> not found

  • Hi

    On both includes
    #include <QLocalSocket>
    #include <qlocalsocket.h>
    I get a "No such file or directory" when trying to compile and run on windows. Funny enough, when cross-compiled on linux, there is no error.
    When I hover over it with the mouse it correctly shows me the class message with F1 as well as the path on the header file.
    Strange as well, if I open the localfortuneclient demo, it compiles and runs (on windows) and I don't really see the difference.

    What am I doing wrong?
    I have to add that I am rather new to QT.

    I'd like to add what I am trying to achieve. Maybe there is a good How-To somewhere.
    I have a daemon that acts as Unix Domain Sockets Server that I need to communicate with.
    The server is up and running and I now need to have QT as client and connect to the server and communicate with it.

  • Hi,

    Could you post your .pro file? Maybe you forget to add QT += network in it?


  • That was it!
    Thanks a lot. I now have:
    QT += core gui network


  • Please add [SOLVED] to the title;)

    So we know it's solved;)

  • I looked for a forum function to set this thread as solved, to no avail.
    I'll do it as you suggested.

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