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  • Hi, I am totally new to Qt symbian.

    May I ask how can I get GPS location data (longitude, latitude) in qml?

    Thank You.

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  • I have use the following code to get GPS location latitude and longitude.
    It seems work well in simulator Qt creator, but when I put it in phone it show "NaN".
    May I know what is the problem?

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import QtMobility.location 1.2

    Rectangle {
    id: page
    width: 350
    height: 350
    PositionSource {
    id: positionSource
    updateInterval: 1000
    active: true
    Column {
    Text {text: "<==== PositionSource ====>"}
    Text {text: "positioningMethod: " + printableMethod(positionSource.positioningMethod)}
    Text {text: "nmeaSource: " + positionSource.nmeaSource}
    Text {text: "updateInterval: " + positionSource.updateInterval}
    Text {text: "active: " + positionSource.active}
    Text {text: "<==== Position ====>"}
    Text {text: "latitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.latitude}
    Text {text: "longitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.longitude}
    Text {text: "altitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.altitude}
    Text {text: "speed: " + positionSource.position.speed}
    Text {text: "timestamp: " + positionSource.position.timestamp}
    Text {text: "altitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.altitudeValid}
    Text {text: "longitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.longitudeValid}
    Text {text: "latitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.latitudeValid}
    Text {text: "speedValid: " + positionSource.position.speedValid}
    function printableMethod(method) {
    if (method == PositionSource.SatellitePositioningMethod)
    return "Satellite";
    else if (method == PositionSource.NoPositioningMethod)
    return "Not available"
    else if (method == PositionSource.NonSatellitePositioningMethod)
    return "Non-satellite"
    else if (method == PositionSource.AllPositioningMethods)
    return "All/multiple"
    return "source error";

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    Are you sure the GPS has locked? Maybe you just need to wait a minute or two for it to see the satellites. It's just a guess, though, I've never used QtMobility.

  • Yeah I have wait for 5 minute already..

    The result come out as below :

    positioningMethod :Satellite
    timestamp: Invalid Date
    altitudeValid: false
    longitudeValid: false
    latitudeValid: false
    speedValid: false

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    And does it work in any other app?

  • Sorry I have never try this in other apps. This is the first time I am trying to get GPS location data.

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    I meant does GPS work in other apps, not necessarily written by you ;)

  • Yes. I think because I am getting this code from other website.


  • Check that your application has declared the "Location" capability. You do this by adding the following to the applications .pro file:

    symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += Location

  • Hi amccarth,

    I have put in below code inside the .pro file but it still cannot run.
    symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices Location
    CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY += location

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