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[SOLVED] Plugin name disappear in PluginLoader...

  • Hi guys, I have found some strangeness inside QPluginLoader, When I set up the name of plugin, after set up, it does not handle the name...
    QPluginLoader config;

     qDebug() << config.fileName();    // NULL
     config.load(); // false, and thus no plugin is loaded... 
     // ...


  • Please read the manual carefully, then you can get the answer.
    fileName : QString
    This property holds the file name of the plugin.
    To be loadable, the file's suffix must be a valid suffix for a loadable library in accordance with the platform, e.g. .so on Unix, .dylib on Mac OS X, and .dll on Windows. The suffix can be verified with QLibrary::isLibrary().
    If the file name does not exist, it will not be set. This property will then contain an empty string.

  • Okay thanks, I just get used to QLibrary (strips suffixes)...

    Gosh, It works, thank you :)...

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