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Making a Start Screen Menu - GUI

  • I am a beginner so please be kind with your response to my question. Trying to develop a start up main menu for my text based game I am putting together the usual "New Game", "Load Game", "Options", "Exit" etc and I think that I could do that with the pushButtons and if so is there any way I could add a picture background and change or highlight the color of the buttons using QT> or would I need to use another program & implement that into the buttons? Anyone please get back with me thanks :)

  • you can do it using Qt Designer

  • You should check the docs and wiki about QPushButton and layouts ;) (sorry to not include links, I'm in a hurry, but these can easily be found using the search)

    There are a few examples too in the wiki and also in Qt Creator.
    And check signals and slots mechanism too, from then it'll pretty easy ;)

  • Since it hasn't been mentioned yet: Stylesheets are your friend here, as they can make the pushbutton look like whatever you want.


    A quote from that site that might inspire you:
    @QPushButton {
    border-width: 4px;
    border-image: url(button.png) 4 4 4 4 stretch stretch;

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