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ORM on Qt/C++, which is the Best D-QUest or QxOrm?

  • Well I was thinking to usa a ORM api on my project, I search and find this two projects the D-Quest and QxOrm...
    Which is the best when I say:

    • Easier to use?
    • More Stable?
    • More used?

    Feel free to share your experience here, the more information the better.

  • I just read an overall and I guess that QxORM is better!

  • Check out "ODB":http://www.codesynthesis.com/products/odb/ . While not Qt-specific, it includes a Qt profile that allows you to seamlessly persist basic Qt types (QString, QBuffer, Date-Time types, etc) and containers as well as use Qt smart pointers.

    If you want a quick look at the Qt support, check the 'qt' example in odb-examples package.

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