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Avoid junk in GridView when dynamically changing XmlListModel's xml property

  • I use a GridView (with XmlListModel) to display the items belong to the category which is selected in a ListView. Each time an item is selected in the ListView, I dynamically change the xml property of the XmlListModel to the corresponding xml data for the category.

    The problem is, when dynamically changing the xml property, it left junk in the GridView, as you can see in the screencast (I've repeatedly changed between the second and third category):

    What should I do to avoid this? (May be clear the GridView after each change but how?)

    Here is some code for ones who need it:

    The GridView:

    @GridView {
    id: catView
    cellHeight: 160
    cellWidth: 160
    model: XmlListModel {
    id: dataModel
    query: "/methodResponse/params/param/value/array/data/value"
    XmlRole {name: "postId"; query:"struct/member[1]/value/string/number()"}
    XmlRole {name: "title"; query: "struct/member[2]/value/string/string()"}
    delegate: Rectangle {
    id: wrapper2
    width: parent.width
    height: parent.height
    border.width: 1
    border.color: "white"
    color: "transparent"
    Column {
    spacing: 5
    Text {text: postId;}
    Text {text: title;}

    The Timer (I use timer to wait for the xml data to be ready):

    @Timer {
    id: fetcher
    interval: 16
    running: true
    repeat: true
    onTriggered: {
    if (Script.ready === XMLHttpRequest.UNSENT) {
    Script.localtest() // start fetching data on localhost
    if (Script.ready === XMLHttpRequest.DONE) {
    dataModel.xml = "" // try set this to blank to clear the model but it has no effect
    dataModel.xml =
    Script.ready = XMLHttpRequest.UNSENT // reset Script object
    dataModel.reload() // also try reload() the model but it also has no effect

    There's also a javascript function to set Script.category to other value before fetching data with Script.localtest()

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