Array length

  • Hi all, I am wilson. May I ask how to calculate array length size.

    I am getting data from Xml file, and I need to get the total length of array size, how could I make it?

    Below is part of my code.

    @XmlListModel {
    id: newsModel
    property string feedUrl: ""
    property bool loading: status == XmlListModel.Loading

        source: ""
        query: "/plist/array/dict"
        XmlRole { name: "date"; query: "string[1]/string()" }

    ListView {
    id: list
    anchors {
    left: parent.left
    right: parent.right
    top: headBar.bottom
    bottom: parent.bottom
    clip: true
    model: newsModel
    delegate: listDelegate

        Component {
            id: listDelegate


    I would like to get total date I will get?
    Thank You for helping..

  • Hi wilson,
    What your mean about the array length, is that count of model?

  • yes. I think..I would like to calculate how many data in xml file.

  • Add these code to XmlListModel:
    @onStatusChanged: {
    if (status == XmlListModel.Ready) {
    if (count > 0) {
    console.log("Total = " + count);

  • Ok. I get it done already.. Thank You so much for your help..

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